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Denver D&D Newbie Sessions is a Meetup Group that helps introduce D&D to new players and rekindle interest for those who haven't played in a long time. It consists of regular one-shot campaigns that people can attend at their convenience and doesn't require a long-term commitment. It's a great Meetup even for those who are familiar with D&D, but are in-between campaigns or parties. Simply sign-up on and RSVP to events to start playing today!

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Join our Discord server for the latest updates and to be notified of last minute openings. It's also a great way to stay connected, join the community, and gain access to special resources. We also have an active "Looking For Group" (LFG) channel.

About Me

My name is Sam and I run most of the meetup events. I’ve been obsessed with D&D since 2015. I started this meetup group to help introduce new people to the game, hone my DM skills, express my creativity, and meet new people. So come join me for a welcoming and educational session that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

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Need to reach me about something? Email [email protected] or connect on social media.

And thanks for checking out the site. I hope to see you at the next meetup!